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About Hubb support Group

Our Aims/Purpose

  1. A safe relaxed place for people to share their experiences at our monthly meetings
  2. Understanding changes with services and government policies
  3. Empowerment for recovery, well being and independent living
  4. Providing information about local events and community resources
  5. Help in tackling the stigma of mental illness and in challenging social isolation
  6. Support following discharge from mental health services
  7. Members can improve confidence and skills by contributing to the newsletter or volunteering for Hubb, gain training or voluntary work towards employment
  8. When most social services have closed, we are still here for people with mental ill health, and their carers.
  9. All of our volunteers have/had mental ill health or been a carer for someone with mental ill health
  10. Referral to advocacy if needed

Our volunteers collecting their award certificates - 2017
Our volunteers gaining their awards - 2017

Our meetings

Meetings our held every 1st Thursday of the month from 4-6 pm. Members socialise, listen to a talk or complete an activity, buffet and free raffles. Fees or charge 2.00 per session, (first session free) to cover buffet costs and raffle prizes etc. Talks have been about activities, educational opportunities, benefits, housing and other topics.

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Videos about mental health conditions