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Christmas 2016

Main news of the week is that Hubb met on the 1st December, 2016 for Christmas. We had a record attendance. Many of our members made donations of food or money for food and raffle prizes.

Hubb members xmas 2016
Rachel, Cassie and Dinah
Hubb members xmas 2016
Some of our members, including Rachel the Chair as well as Nick our researcher

Havering volunteers award day 2017

Havering awards day 2017
Hubb volunteers being awarded at the event

Wings and wheels event 2017

We managed to raise £52.72 for the wings and wheels event. We had a Hubb stall, four of our members who attended. It was a nice day but quite tiring.

Wings and Wheels day 2017
The Hubb stall at the event

FREE Handyman Help!

Do you need someone to carry out any of those minor but maddening repairs and maintenance that need doing at home? Are you a Havering tenant ? If so, are you over 60, or frail, vulnerable, or disabled, with no family able to help? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, you may be eligible for a visit from “Handyman Paul” or his mates. They can, for instance, put up shelves, fix locks and smoke alarms and change light bulbs .They can’t do emergency repairs, or certain work like gardening, decorating or jobs requiring a ladder. To apply: contact your council